At the core of all of our relationships with financial planners is Techlink, our on-line knowledge management platform. Techlink provides you and your team with a comprehensive (and searchable) library of information, daily bulletins on developments of relevance to the industry, multimedia learning and professional development tools. Techlink will also be your 'gateway' for accessing consultancy through our 'ASK' service and access to the 'ASK' archive.


Techlink is the core service of our knowledge management system giving you access to our daily news bulletins, library of information including short need to know topics and large comprehensive overviews of all things tax, trusts and pensions.

Techlink Communicator

Our communicator gives you access to our quarterly newsletters as well as our bi-weekly For Your Information (FYI) content that you can email to your clients, updating them on financial planning developments and opportunities that are likely to be of interest and relevance to them supporting better client and vulnerable client outcomes.


A premium additional service to the basic Techlink package, Ask offers subscribers the ability to ask specialist consultants case-related or more generalised questions through a secure area of the site. Questions and resultant answers are stored within a database. Questions asked by other users are also available to view on an anonymous basis making this section an infinitely expandable question and answer database.

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