As well as the professional development tools within the Techlink Interactive service (and, in particular, Techlearn) we are experienced in the design and delivery of any one or combination of the following:

  1. Careful assessment of the development need for
    • entire groups
    • specialist groups
    • individuals
    • with particular emphasis on the support of the delivery of an advice-based service proposition.
  2. Development of content for specialist learning programmes delivered
    • remotely (distance learning)
    • face to face
  3. Bespoke CPD programmes.
  4. Constant update/communication generators - constant professionalisation for advisers.
  5. Chronologically driven activity modules e.g. pre tax year end, pre/post-Budget, corporate year end, self assessment dates etc.
  6. Modules designed to match your business plans founded on (where appropriate) your products/business activity calendar.
  7. Multiple choice testing systems, single answer or case study
  8. Face to face special "application" workshops.

Our professional development programmes can be business and examination (eg Diploma / Advanced Diploma) focused.

Our Commitment to professional development

As a business dedicated to the constant acquisition, distillation and effective use of business-critical information and knowledge and which, on a day-to-day basis, provides practical technical and business development support to those giving financial advice and financial product providers, both based in the UK and abroad, we believe that we are uniquely placed to deliver meaningful business-generating professional development that is demanding but relevant and practical.