Our objective is to provide you with a comprehensive, reliable, creative and independent technical resource that is dedicated to enabling you to significantly add value to the services that you offer to your clients.

Technical Connection is dedicated to the acquisition, storage, retrieval and creative use of information and intelligence that is relevant to the support and development of your business. We are not authorised to do investment business and so concentrate on key tax and legal issues as part of the financial planning process. We can thus work in complete harmony with you to ensure that your clients get the best advice possible.

The range of services available from Technical Connection and its associated businesses are constantly reviewed, monitored and, where necessary, reinvented or supplemented.

Techlink Interactive

At the core of all of our relationships with financial planners is Techlink Interactive, our on-line knowledge management system.  Techlink provides you with a comprehensive (and searchable) library of information, daily bulletins on developments of relevance to your industry, multimedia learning and professional development tools, and quarterly newsletters for your clients and professional adviser contacts. Techlink will also be your 'gateway' for accessing consultancy through our 'ASK' service and access to the 'ASK' archive (see below).


Provided you are an adviser and a Techlink subscriber you can access our ASK service.  Through ASK you will have access via Techlink (with emergency telephone backup) to our experienced consultants for complete technical support - especially on tax, legal, pensions, investments and protection issues. Particular emphasis will be given to developments within the life assurance, investment and pensions industry, and how the contracts the industry offer can best be used to solve tax and investment problems.


Provided you are a Techlink subscriber you will be able to access the Technical Connection consultants to create non-product specific client reports.  These will be priced independently on a case by case basis and will be provided for the adviser on a ‘business to business’ basis.